External HDMI monitor blurry/wrong res

Since I'm using a laptop that has it's display hooked up straight to the Intel HD graphics instead of the Radeon one, I'm posing this to the CPU section.


So I've been using this LCD display kit from ebay on my old laptop LCD panel, connecting it to my current laptpp through an HDMI cable.

A few months ago when Intel had the old graphics control panel thingy I could change my refresh rate and in windows driver settings to 59Hz in it, which makes the HDMI output to the native resolution of 1280x800. Then some 99 updates later a lousy ass looking ui update came for Intel and removed the 59Hz refresh rate option, now it outputs to 1440x900 and there's no way of changing it. Even if I set the resolution to 1280x800, it upscales to 900p, then downscales back to 800p, resulting in a blurry image.


So how do I get the 59Hz refresh rate option back without uninstalling 99 updates in order to get the old driver working? ...because it automatically installs this new bloatware. btw, I need this fixed, to get my ass working on some drafts for college.


Specs: i7-3630QM, HD 4000, HDMI 1.4

You can not right click the desktop and go to screen resolution. Then to display -advanced settings. Under monitor tab in screen refresh rate set it to the 59mhz?

That option is not there anymore, as I already said.

I figured it out, there's a custom resolution option in the Intel graphics control panel. I just added a 1280x800 resolution with 59Hz refresh rate and now when I chose that resolution, there's a 59Hz option alongside 60Hz.

But seriously, fuck Intel, instead of fighting AMD they could've spent more time making their products more compatible.