External gpu

Hey guys is there a way to get a external gpu hooked up to a laptop somehow.

I've seen it jerry-rigged on youtube. The problem with that is the bottleneck that is your CPU.

Took the words out of my mouth... that's why I opt for a desktop. Laptops are just a huge pain when trying to upgrade.

The CPU is a i7 3630qm, will that bottle neck a gtx 760. Also how exactly can you set it up with a laptop, I'm asking because I'm a noob and bought a laptop with less performacne the a desktop its good for now but in a year or two no so I want to know if I can do it. I am trying to sell my laptop now so I might not need to do this. Also can I set up a crossfire/sli external set up or can I only do single gpus.

I couldn't see why it wouldn't. Laptop CPU's aren't nearly as powerful to their desktop counterpart, so i wouldn't be suprised if there was a large amount of bottlenecking. Even if there were no bottleneck, is it worth the risk of possibly damaging the hardware?

Do you know of the CPU I'm talking about, its a capable quad core i7 with hyper threading. Also how would I damage the hardware, do you mean the external gpus or the internal parts.

you have a pretty massive bottleneck in the interface, you could try and add a titan and the integrated gpus will run circles around it

Yeah of course, but still i don't know for sure about the bottleneck. Considering the 760 is a pretty powerful card my best bet would be that it would bottleneck. About damaging the hardware, you have to remember these components aren't meant to be ran together. There is a possibility of damaging something, whether it is your laptop or gpu.

ir can't bottleneck that much, also just how would I be able to do if I need or want to, what kind of hardware/software hack will I need to do to make this happen.

what interface did you have in mind? it's not so much a cpu bottleneck but a bus bottleneck of whatever you plan to interface over... it's not impossible, you can step from 16 lanes down to 1 lane with adapters and even at that speed might be faster than your integrated graphics.. just doesn't seem viable.. gonna need custom firmware/drivers and you can bet that isn't gonna be fun.. 


thunderbolt may have a future. 

considering he has 2x 670mx's, i really don't think it can get much better

if you got the money that looks like a fun project. ;p


they make one. connects to usb
IOGear usb video card

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