Extention cables

Since i know how i can managenmy cables and make my built clean I want to use custom cables. Now i do have a semi modular powersupply that is 650 watts. I saw that cable mod had extention cables to go with every psu. Now i wonder, is it just like plug and play? No voltage and resistance trouble?

Yep, They are just Plug and Play.

You would only have Problems if you have a crappy Power Supply and you were drawing a lot of current.

The only issues you might have are if you have a Corsair RMi series power supply with Type 4 cables since those units actually have capacitors actually in lengths of cable. If you don't have that specific model any cable is just plug and play.

Note: Even the RMi with type 4 may work completely fine with standard cables (I assume they would), but I don't know for certain.

I have a corsair cs650m wich is gold certified. Would it be a problem?

@polyusko @anon59440203 Is talking about swapping out cables on Corsair's RMI power supply with entirely custom cables. Those power supply require a custom cable (I think Cable Mod makes custom cables for those power supply) because they have capacitors inside the cable to improve ripple, as he said. But, even if you had an RMI power supply you could still use simple cable extensions on top of original cables.
In your case you can buy any cable extension you want an use them as your will. If you want you can even buy a Cable Mod kit to make yourself a custom coloured cable extension.

Thank you! This is the extention wich I like : https://store.cablemod.com/product/cablemod-basic-cable-extension-kit-86-pin-series-black-red/ Will be perfect with my vii formula motherboard and corsair vengeance ram