EXSi 6.5 VS Xen 7 Windows performance. Which is better at it

Which is better at virtualization windows? as far as speed is concerned. Or are they within 5% of reach other.
My guess is EXSI 6.5 is but i can only find old data. Thanks

They will mostly be the same as far as CPU performance will go. The real differences will be in the management and features that the hyper visors offer.

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as @BGL pointed out, performance differences will be slim to none. Depending on your budget you should look at the features that you might want based on the Hypervisor. If you're looking for "free", then you want to look at what each free version supports. XenServer supports halted machine migration (from host to host) while ESXi does not (Free Versions). ESXi will allow you to store ISOs and other install media locally, while XenServer requires an external file share to grab installation media from.

it's all about the features ;)