Explorers of Tamriel, Come Forth!

Hail there, citizen!

Have you seen the glories of Tamriel? Traveled far from the frozen tundra of Skyrim? Wandered from the strange and mystic Morrowind? Or, are you an honorable Kingsman from the land of Cyrodiil?

Perhaps you’ve heard of the strange under goings of late? The orcs have rebuilt, the cats are opening their borders, and, by Oblivion, there be dragons!

Hello Level1Techs! Are there any Elder Scrolls Online players about? This game has changed A LOT since I have started playing, even since I checked in on the game about a year ago.

It runs pretty smooth on 144hz 1440p.

The graphics are alright, typical MMORPG/Elder Scrolls graphics.

If you are interested in starting, I recommend it! Story wise it takes a minute to pick up. But once it starts it gets crazy epic real fast. The quests vary significantly, and the game makes you feel like a badass just helping some small farmers or helping a guild of crazy mages.

The pro tip I learned a bit too late is that you can leave the starting area immediately and head to Daggerfall, Morrowind, Skyrim, etc. and start the main story without the beginning stuff. You miss out on a handful of cool quests but not a lot of gear. I left the starting area at level 13 but the game more or less scales with you.

Curious to know who else plays? Maybe we can get a L1 Guild going?


Sounds like fun! I played it semi-recently, but never had anyone to actually play it with. So you can count me on joining in on the questing!

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Well I’m playing it on a regular basis, but playing on the EU server.

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I dabble…



Indeed, that is only dabbling, now approaching 1700 hours but then again I also have a full load of 18 toons to play around with :wink:


Oh fo sure! The game is SO much better than at launch/a while back. I’ve basically been nolifing this for a while now in PC/EU. The amount of detail & good quality content is just ridiculous.
Tho I’d still wanna see server optimizations… the game still dips in fps & latency in crowded areas - altho it’s exactly this what they’re fixing right about now.

It’s a surprisingly lightweight game too. High graphics settings 60+fps on 1080p with a 2400G *tips fedora


Awesome, I’ll look at making a guild lol.

Care to dump your tea into the harbor and come to the dark side? :wink:

Lol you’ve got more hours than I have.

Damn! Did you get the new expansion?

Yup! I got the deets at Quakecon. They have a lot of server and client improvements coming out.


Yes, I’m an ESO+ sub and have a few homes but only for storage chests :stuck_out_tongue:

If you are on the EU server then sent a Friend request to me:

BigBodZod-007 I did indeed use the hyphen :wink:

Also you could send a request to my main

Phatima Blush
CP804 and counting

My thing is I like to be a freaking completionist so I really like to get all the delves and World Bosses completed along with finding all the Lorebooks and Skyshards.

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I started playing when the free-to-play version came out and was already impressed back then… the issue I always had was that I had noone to play with so it got a little lonely…


Each major expansion comes with a new starter experience, the newest one sends you to Elsewyr and you see dragons right away.

ESO is a fantastic game these days. I play off and on. Not as a MMO, I just wander around exploring and doing quests solo, which it fully supports.

It has its problems, though. The mount progression is a real grind and I still to this day don’t fully understand the guild trader system. Or if I do, and it’s just a bunch of traders you need to locate with separate auction houses, it sucks.

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PC/EU btw if any1 wants company/an active casual guild with weekly events (and Discord) you can search for ‘Lizard Division’.
Or hollar at me here or ingame @Grumbelbum.

Unless there’s more than just a couple L1’ers in the EU server to give a reason for a new guild that is.

Very nice Baz, I will attempt to contact you about this :slight_smile:

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TBCh Ive always loved skyrim and the elder scrolls… they need to do a lot of good work on 6 … I mean with skyrim being the 5th official game in the Elder Scrolls series (I do not count the other games and spin-off novels and such)
The Elder Scrolls is situated in Tamriel in a typical Medieval fantasy setting (So you will find orcs, elves, and dwarves). Skyrim is a northern province. Its inhabitants, the Nords, are obviously using Viking as a reference. The Redguards are using the Arabic culture. The Imperials, Rome. This gives them great potential with the 6th game… think about the redguards… so much art can be done there… so much culture… they should nut up and try hard… Its obvious that hammerfell will be the setting from the E3 trailer… We should hope they get it right

To those who are unfamiliar with the mythology of skyrim… Those who know about the game and its mythological base can ignore everything below here:

TLDR its based on more than just norse myths

In the game, Skyrim the ancient God Alduin, The World Eater, a dragon of immense power is coming to Tamriel and precisely Skyrim to… destroy the world. He is helped by an army of immortal dragons he is raising. Unfortunately for Him a powerful warrior, the Dragonborn, a warrior who can absorb the souls of the dragons, thus killing them will rise against him.

You have one thing to see when talking about the Elder Scrolls in general: The mythology behind the Elder Scrolls is the Elder Scrolls. First and foremost this is what is followed and nothing else. That is to say that Skyrim is, yes, “Norse”, but “Norse”, is much more a general “feeling” than following “Norse” mythology.
You have also to see that the Elder Scrolls are taping, vastly, in way more things than “Norse”. The Imperials are following the Roman empire, seated in a Medieval period. The werewolves are inspired by the modern representation of the modern beast; etc.
I will illustrate, here, how “Norse” will taint Skyrim:

  • In the opening sequence, on the cart, you meet a “horse thief” named “Lokir of Rorikstead”. Anyone knowing the Norse mythology will see an amusing reference to Loki, father of Sleipnir (Odin’s horse) and god of deception (thievery).
  • During the companion quest you try to put back together the shattered mythical axe Wuuthrad, that is fairly clearly inspired by the shattered sword of Sigurd/Siegfried Gram.

Note also that: Broken weapons are not especially Norse stuff (think about Narsil in the Lord of the Ring). I still do believe that both Lokir, and Wuuthrad are “referencing” Norse things more than anything else. Alduin is a legendary dragon. In term of myth, dragons, malevolent one, as Alduin, are omnipresent. Example: Tiamat, in Mesopotamia, or Apophis in Egypt. Notice both those dragons are as close reference to Alduin as the one I am giving you:
Niddhogr is a giant dragon that eats the root of the World tree Yggdrasill. Niddhogr is completely as malevolent as Alduin, both are god-like creatures. Both are trying to put an end to the world.

As everywhere in the Elder Scrolls, what matters to them is the "Elder Scrolls’ lore first and foremost. In the case of Skyrim, this lore is tainted all over with Norse mythology. But it is only a far taint (rightfully). You will not see Odin, Fricka or Valkyries entering the Elder Scrolls pantheon. so don’t expect the Elder Scrolls lore to fit the Norse mythology. They just bring some “Norse mythological elements” to have this little Norse feeling in the game.

All in all 6 better be damn good and better really really go deep… if they want to earn back a successful franchise