Explorer.exe is gone

Ok, so I downloaded a windows start orb changer, and I was messing around with different orbs, and I wanted the original orb back, so I press "Reset explorer.exe for the original start orb", and I guess I pressed too many times, because now explorer.exe is gone and I have no taskbar or desktop background/icons, and help to get it back would be wonderful, and by the way I tried putting this code in, reg delete "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Image File Execution Options" /v explorer.exe /f and it said it 'Access was Denied'

have you tried ALT - CTRL - SUPR -> Task Manager -> New Task (run) and input explorer.exe manually? if you get the same error then I think the software screwed up explorer.exe (not surprising as you were trying to change stuff in the interface) I don't know if you have enabled restore points if so.. I would try that first and go back a week or so.

if pressing "WindowsKey + R" and then typing "explorer.exe" doesn't bring it back, then you'll need to try rebooting into safe mode and restoring back atleast a day before you started mucking around.