Explanation of fluid dynamics concerning custom water-loops

Hello all,

I have the motivation to build a custom water-cooling and this will be a first for me and I would like some input from veterans and experts on the basics of water-cooling loops.


I am not asking about what parts and brands to choose from but in general the things that every beginner needs to know about the dynamics and movement of fluids concerning water-cooling loops.


Any advice and tips will be greatly appreciated.


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Not much to it champ, a pump pumps liquid in a loop that consists of waterblocks and radiators. A reservoir is like a cache for the pump. Run pumps dry & bad things happen.

Decent pumps like the d5 have good head pressure whilst the little pumps that are in aio's dont (not that they need it anyway due to the size of their loop).

Thicker rads generally will yield cooling - depends on fin density etc.

Fittings and tubing, not much to say on that. It is what it is.

Unsure of anything - youtube & google.

check out this channel as well - the guy does quite nice custom loops >> SingularityComputers

Is there something your confused about?? 

In terms of setting it up for the first time don't trust anything. Lay everything out and test it before hanging it over your parts. Very important to prime your water pump don't let it suck air. Just use water at first

Other then that have fun you can Google and copy other people for the "best setup" 

I like to use a small y valve at the bottom of my loops so I can easily drain them 

Thank you guys.


If I may ask, koolance being an US company and bitspower being Chinese, what do you think of quality, which company excels best in terms of accessories and parts? For example, fittings being the most important part of a loop which company produces the most reliable products?

I have a preference towards AplhaCool. JayzTwoCents on youtube has a lot of awesome watercooling vids.