Explaining Building A PC to my father

So I'm 13 and i love teksyndicate and the forum too.So i told my dad a 2008 netbook....(yes a netbook)is a total flop.So he said find a computer or laptop and he will buy it.So i was thinking of building a pc because i need some more parts for my build.So how should i explain to him?

Basically say you're gonna learn a lot from it, better price to performance, and all the other good stuff that comes with building your own PC.

so i should tell him i will learn better money management of some sort? And i don't think he will turn over after 1 reason

So I had something of the same issue, exept I had it worse, My family is an "iFamily" (You all know what I mean) and I desperately wanted to build a PC.

As you could imagine it was really difficult to get them to understand. the way I went about doing it is explaining a little bit at a time. One of the selling points for my parents was that it was a great learning experience for me. 

There alot you can learn from building a computer, like budgeting, some statistical stuff, and building a computer of course. 

well my family is not that technology intelligent because my parents lived in a poverty ridden country where they were born.So its hard to explain alot to them


What's to explain, do you mean trying to get him to buy you expensive parts, just ask him how much he's willing to spend then buy the parts and assemble the pc.

im using my own money i have saved up.

But why do you then need to explain anything to him.

because he saying its a waste of money when he can just buy one already built

How is it a waste of money, if anything its cheaper, doesn't he realize they need to make money too so they charge extra for the service of building one.

Also they try to make as much money as possible so they have shit specs for a higher price.

No, not money management, computer knowledge.

ok thanks.Do i need anything else?


well emotional blackmail was and still is my favorite tactic LOL

tell him on separate occasions that it is fun to build a pc on your own.

look sad and make him notice that you are sad and depressed and in need for help, and when he asks you what's wrong, say something like "nothing don't worry about it. umm ah forget it" a couple of sighs and you're good.

when having lunch for example, give your parents a speech about how corporations nowadays make us pay more for less and how that is a very bad thing. be creative about it.

bottom line, look sad and desperate. mention how fun building a PC is. and they'll connect the dots. lol

"The main reasoning behind wanting to build a computer is because it gives 100% freedom in what you want in a system that will last you for the next couple of years. When you build a computer, it is like buying a new car, you want something that says it is you, like customizing the add-on features that will go with a new car. Building a computer is also superior in many applications such as movie editing, gaming, and overall productivity, this is due to being able to choose the parts that will allow all these to work more efficiently. A custom build can also last longer than a pre-made computer you would buy a store like "Best Buy", the reason is you have freedom in choosing the quality parts that are made by reputable companies such as Asus, HIS, Corsair, or Gigabyte. A reason why it will be better is the system is not locked down, or is filled with bloatware (Software you will never use) given by the companies, this means the computer will be significantly faster than a pre-built computer after it is assembled as well as being more powerful (in most cases). A final note of why custom builds is better is the ability to chose how you want it to look. Again, it is like buying a new car, after you have all the features you want, you will then want it to look or have a color that suits you right?"


This was a message I gave to my friend so he could convince his parents to let him build one. It seems to have worked so far. Lets see what you can take out of it to convince your dad.

okay from what little I read, your family used to poor-ish (I know the feeling)

some of the benefits to building and learning to build computers

  1. you'll learn a modern 21st century skill
  2. building PCs is cheaper than buying PCs
  3. you'll get naturally better at math if you already suck


it doesn't take long to be skilled enough to best the best buy employees

they typically don't even have REAL computer knowledge just social skills to sell stuff and use big words

I started at 16 and now at 21 I've been a pretty decent system builder, I've built over 70 computers for people, not because I was trying to sell people stuff but because I made a good computer cheap