Explain javascript code


can someone explain every part of all of this, I did this in codecademy but I feel like idk how I got the string Angel to appear. In other words how and why does the word Angel appear in the console because I wrote all of this thanks to codecademy but it din't explain to me how I got the result.

Well just by looking quickly and sorry if i miss anything, im on a train doing this on my phone.  you have a nested loop in which that looks for "Angel" and the outer loop looks for the index that had the element "A". So its like hey I found an "A", ok now now I go through and check that its the var called my.name which you've set at "Angel"

I knew that but what I was looking for is how does it know to look for the n and the other letters in the var myName but forget it, I just sit down and started basically running everything in my head and I understood how the computer "knows" to look for the other letters.

I can see you can't read between lines I already figured that out when I was running everything in my head that's why I put "knows" in quotation marks

that's were codeacadey left me  u gota  read  book's then go backto code  academy then video tutorials  even after that i dont feel comfortable  because of all thegotcha's! ===  ++      closure   ??  expression's ,  inheritance,  then its patterns for different situations using prototypal inheritance or someother paterns??