Experiment: Velociraptor with Adapter in Toshiba Laptop

I have on my table a WD Velociraptor with a sata to pata adapter on it. I also have a toshiba Sattelite 460CDX with a thicc laptop drive slot.

I wanna know what happens when I cram this thing in there and turn it on.



Who knows?!

We’ll find out tomorrow though because I want to go to bed. I’ll leave this page up for myself to remember.

Works great for about 5 mins then the vreg for the hdd explodes

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How do I make it not explode so I can own lomething stupid

Lots of cooling, lower RDS_on (resistance) mosfets, or externally-powering the HDD.

Trying to place a high-power enterprise HDD into a laptop expecting low-power HDD’s is a pretty bad idea and will yield minimal performance increases.

a cheap compact flash card might be just the thing. compact flash to pata can be almost entirely passive and that will be suuuuper low power.

For the lulz I put a 8gb one in an IBM PS/2 L40 SX 386 laptop and, oh boy, it was fast.

The other thing about 10k and 15k 2.5" drives is they are not designed, at all, to deal with movement. Laptop drives, even old ones, Actually Do Have An Accelerometer in them to compensate for somone moving around the laptop. Enterprise grade drives? they just park the heads and then wait a comparatively long time.

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Now now now I never claimed it was a GOOD idea.

Beh, external power. Ok I guess.

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External power is definitely the way to go, as it’s the easiest and safest.

Have to agree… I have a compact flash card in a PATA adapter acting as a “hard drive” on an old Pentium III system. It is a very worthwhile upgrade for vintage PCs.

Too bad there isn’t such an easy solution to replace old SCSI drives :frowning_face:

There is actually. Bluescsi or macmSD


@wendell I would have to look into it. I’ve heard of blueSCSI before but was unable to find if it could be successfully adapted to SCA-80. Originally I had found scsissd dot com but they market themselves as serving a product for legacy industrial equipment and only work through quotes so I didn’t even bother to inquire.