Experiencing some graphics problems

so I just bought 


thought it would be great considering it came with many games and logan reccomended it.

I am currently on 13.4 drivers and am experiencing some problems when going into metro 2033 or max panye 3 far cry 3 is perfectly fine tho the screen will either go orange or any other colour i have updated the vbios on the card but am still experiencing these problems if you could help me that would be much appreciated

Is you psu powerful enough? Over 30amps on the 12v rail and total power greater than 500w?

Does the same thing occur with another driver set? (uninstall, driversweeper, re-install older driver)

Have you overclocked it?

i have a 1000 watt power supply i think i am good i over clocked it and moved it back to the original currently reinstalling drivers :P

still the same problem should i try the beta drivers?

Possibly the 13.5's may be better. Failing that if you can try the card in a mates system and see if it does the same thing.

Also run memtest86 and system stability programs - prime95 etc, just to rule out the other hardware.

Could very well be that the card is a dud.

What 1000W PSU?

ocz fatality 1000w

everything else is working fine

okay removing the drivers and deleting all the files from ati from system32 as well as system32/drivers and now it makes my screen go blank after a mnute of launching a game

You need to have a driver set installed otherwise the card won't function under load. Are the colors weird only in game?


okay got it now using the 13.6 beta drivers and having no problems