Experiencing Reset Bug Sapphire Pulse Vega 56

Hi all. I just finished a 2950x build and am currently setting up a Windows 10 PCI passthrough with Vega 56 on Arch and it looks like I have the reset bug

Does anyone have links or guide to where I should go to for a fix for this ?

When the GPU is passed through to the VM my system won’t shutdown and the VM never starts

I’m thinking about installing linux-vfio


Gnifs patch might help. Maybe. Depends what reset bug it is. Usually sapphires uefi is a good bet though.

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Things seem like they aren’t coming back. I’m going to try a few more tests of a force shutdown and see if the problem persists.

Thank you!

Do an s3 suspend to ram and I bet it comes back! If so likely the pci config copy reset patch will fix it


So doing an S3 suspend to ram does stop my GPU fan from spinning at max speed the VM still can’t be started.

Considering Im on Linux 5.x I was pushing off going to linux-threadripper but I might give it a try at this point.

It’s more or less soft reset bug. It doesnt encounter unless you leave the VM off for a decent amount of time


Compiling this kernel I get the error

Could not import extension kerneldoc (exception: cannot import name ‘AutodocReporter’ from ‘sphinx.ext.autodoc’ (unknown location))

I don’t think docs are a requirement, just kernel and headers. Remove htmldocs from PKGBUILD under build() and try again.