Expensive hypotechical server build $13,868


so 16 cores. haha

AMD Opteron 6386 SE Sixteen-Core Processor 2.8GHz X 4 = $5439.96

Supermicro H8QG6-F-O Opteron 6100/AMD SR5690/ DDR3/ V&2GbE SWTX Server Motherboard = $779.99

Kingston 64GB (4 x 16GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM ECC Registered DDR3 1333 Server Memory DR x4 Model KVR13R9D4K4/64 x 8 =  $5335.92

Noctua NH-U12DO A3 for AMD Opteron workstations and Servers CPU Cooler x 4 = $295.96

Super Micro Computers SC850 Chassis

1. 700W+350W Triple Hot-swap, Power Supply

2. 10 x 3.5" SCA Ultra320/160 SCSI Hot-swappable Drive Bays

3. 3 x 5.25" Peripheral Drive Bays

4. 2 x 3.5" Drive Bays

5. 9x Full-height, Full-length expansion slot

6. 8 x 90mm Hot-swappable Fans

7. 2 x 120mm Rear-exhaust Fan

8. Power Switch & 5 LED Indicators

= $2016.54


ALL for just $13,868.37 (monitors, keyboards, mice not included)


am i missing anything?

What would this build be good for?

A reminder that you wasted 14 grand.

Server-ey stuff?

Waste of money, especially since you could get a much better server for the same amount of money.


Why even consider the Opteron processor...

VPS Hosting, Shared Web Hosting, Game Servers, Virtual Desktop Server (With 50 or so raspberry pi clients :p ), or a fucking huge NAS. You could run multiple instances of Minecraft, DayZ, Quake 3, BF3, or BF4 server. These could be run in a virtualized environment (I recommend Xen Server), or each in their own Linux jail. IF you wanted to make a some cash you could rent out any of the above as services. Alternatively you could hoard all of that cpu power to yourself and find a crypto currency that is efficient to mine with raw cpu power.