Expansion slot passthrough riser cables?

so I was dreading the thought of having to shell out extra cash on a new motherboard to get an extra expansion slot for a sound card to add to my rig... but then I found out about these "riser cards" as i am seeing them called, although they seem to just be passthrough cables... but anyway I have a Asus maximus IV gene/gen3 and have both of my pcie x 16 lanes filled with 7950's and was wanting a dedicated soundcard  (sound blaster ZX perhaps.)  but I just don't have the room as it stands right now. 

I wanted to know if anyone here had any experience with using these types of cables and if they will fry my card/mobo or not.

Here is a link to what i was considering buying.


I honestly had no clue that these existed until today when i tried looking it up after thinking that there is no reason why they couldn't exist.

Anyways, just looking for advice and if someone knows of some of these that look a bit nicer than this one then it would be nice.

Side note/ Perhaps this post doesn't actually belong in the motherboards section?? 


so no one knows about them? :/

These do in fact work however ive only used them for gpu purposes and with a sound card it may cause interference or static/white noise. so do they work? yes.

do they work for sound cards? more than likely but i cant comment as i have not tried a sound card. 

oh, dear, i didn't think about that... i wonder if i could get a pci-e 16x passthrough and then move it past where i would install my sound card, then maybe it would be better than using a pass through for the soundcard? hmmm....