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Exotic red neck cooling

I live in an apartment, so I can’t try most of the crazy ideas that wander into my head. So if any of you in this community wants to post pics of the interesting or abnormal cooling solutions you have that would be awesome.

I’ve come across geothermal cooling but not much in the recent years it seems. My favorite yet is the toilet tank water reservoir.

Come on! What’s the craziest you have! SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT!!!

Bonus internet points for data on thermals.

Just rip apart a window ac unit or a refrigerator mechanism and make a chiller.

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Or a car grill, with the large fan? Active coolling…


Insulated the live wires!?!?!? not red neck.

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I had done some math with another M.E. on the radiator for a 2010s ford taurus. So long as you can blow air through that radiator a 60+ MPH you can cool a data center.

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Not me, but a forum user made an exotic cooling solution.

hmmm, not so easy in my living room…

Oh, wait, would that scale down?

that checks all the boxes. Can’t believe flex tape can be used to couple hoses together.

I haven’t done anything super crazy, but I used to use a box fan and just put a lunch box with a couple ice packs in front of it. It worked for a small room, but I wouldn’t count on it to cool off anything more than that.

@gnif has

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That dude does some good stuff…

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Car radiators do better with high fluid flow and air flow. So pretty much over kill for one computer. I hope some one out there can post some pics of a single car rad cooling multiple computers.

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There was the Linus thing of a whole room water cooling but that was not really practical or serious.

I imagine gnif makes good use of it, where he is is hot and he has a pretty beefy PC (overclocked ThreadRipper) and it is completely silent as a result To be honest, there is no such thing as over kill when it comes to cooling a PC this way, just more cooling

EDIT: There also the JayzTwoCents ice-water-filled-beer-cooler-with-a-regular-PC-rad-in-it thing. That was pretty barndoor engineered and effective.

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How to redneck hillbilly insane clown posse cool down your CPU in 6 easy steps:

Step 1: get LN2 pot
Step 2: mount pot on CPU
Step 3: get full propane tank
Step 4: turn the propane tank upside down over the pot, slowly open the valve and fill the pot with liquid propane
Step 5: ???
Step 6: PROFIT

(please do not actually do this in an apartment, you will probably kill yourself and others, and then get arrested()

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Advanced lunatics may also try to install a water block, fill a bucket insulated with towels with liquid propane, and attempt to use a D5 pump submerged in the bucket to pump liquid propane into the water block.

but liquid hydrogen is colder…

I guess I can go to and lurk there for some crazy stuff

you could also do the sudo-luquid nitrogen set-up with acetone and dry ice in a ln2 pot or as a chiller