Exessive alt-tabbing in ElementaryOS

I decided to give Elementary a try but quickly realized that I’m missing ALT+` for switching between windows of an application and such a mapping isn’t possible from what I’ve read. I often have many windows open so tabbing through all becomes quite annoying and using expose/overview also adds overhead.

Maybe I’m missing something but would like to hear some input. Have you ditched elementary over how the window navigation is implemented? Did you get used to it or find a work-around?


Well theres alt tab like a normal person

Do you mean Shortcuts?

Yes, I find several comments on this by users but nothing super-recent. Like here under the heading “Smaller things” the same concern is raised.

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L1 discourages normie behavior :stuck_out_tongue:

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Elementary OS discourages keyboard customization

GNOME is kinda hard to customize too much, pantheon makes it worse…

Maybe, just maybe, you should try something KDE.

Not really, they option to change keyboard shortcuts is show in the shortcut overview displayed with the press of super. It’s more an issue of them not having this particular shortcut which GNOME does have and that I use frequently.

Not used KDE for ages but been tempted to try it again.