Exclusive: Apple dropped plan for encrypting backups after FBI complained

On top of the usual Apple vs. FBI struggles over iPhone access. Presumably unencrypted backups means everything is completely accessible whether the device itself is or isn’t, as long as backups are enabled.


Now I’m considering a apple phone what has life come to


The ups and downs with who’s doing more security atm plus I want to firmware mod things as I’m starting to learn

If its a smart phone it can be made to spy on you

Anything can, it doesnt have to be smart.

In October 2018, Alphabet Inc’s (GOOGL.O) Google announced a similar system to Apple’s dropped plan for secure backups. The maker of Android software, which runs on about three-quarters of the world’s mobile devices, said users could back up their data to its own cloud without trusting the company with the key.

whats this?

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never mind

In light of this it is worth remembering that if the iCloud region setting is set to PRC (mainland) China, iCloud data is stored in China under the control of Guizhou on the Cloud Big Data Industrial Development Co., Ltd., (GCBD).

Given the wording of the Support article, I assume this is not affected by the Region setting of the device itself, but I would still be cautious about such things — I remember earlier versions of iOS would display a login for Sina Weibo in the Settings app if certain Chinese language keyboards were selected.