Exciting year for Tech.. 4k 144hz, Zen, Vega, 1080ti

I remember running Oblivion in the old days on a CRT at some 2xxx res with a refresh of I think 75 to 100hz. Then the lcd's came out and they looked like garbage.. Finally started to catch up some with 1080p panels looking nice years later. Then 4k panels came out.. and as each panel came I was always going "MUST HAVE HIGH REFRESH".

Now at long last.. 4k 144hz surpasses my expectations.. WITH HDR. I thought we would be stuck at 120hz.. Not only that but the chance to import from Korea etc.. will bring the cost way down.. 21:9 anyone?

Oh Zen.. I've also watched as Intel and Nvidia have been able to run long distances with $$$ and some good performance. Each year pushing the envelope mostly on how much they are charging. (Titan Z) ugh.. also the 6900k last time I checked was around 1200$

So here we have Zen (Ryzen). So far from what I've seen the clocks are pretty low.. and it's doing some impressive numbers. Nothing showed it beating out the 6900k but I have a little imagination that if the clocks are raised some.. It could match the 6900k. If you could buy that for a decent price then that's interesting.

I personally hope Vega wins the GPU war (here's for hoping) this year. These things will help the competition and we all win when there is competition.

I'm thinking my new build this year even If It's only 90% of what an Intel and Nvidia build might have been. Maybe I will support AMD just for the sake of not giving them my money.

I agree.

Samsung even launched a 21:9 34in 3440x1440 Quantum Dot 100hz Freesync Curved monitor. I got to see it at CES, It was gorgeous.

AMD won't win the GPU race, sadly.

At least not in gaming performance.
Some of the new features will be great for computing intensive tasks.
And: Adored can be wrong aswell.


We hope Adored is wrong, but he's usually pretty close with predictions.

Can't forget internet enabled water bottles and juicers that will DDOS you!

bring me 4k HDR 144Hz FreeSync cheap now.

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AdoredTV is shit. He jumped in the RX 480 hype train saying it'll cockslap the 980 Ti, and it didn't. He is now doing the opposite, and just being negative, saying it's gonna be shit.

Take what he speculates with a pinch of salt.

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Make it 36-40" 5K ultrawide (5120x2160) While we are at it.

Someone actually thought the RX 480 would be better than the GTX 980 Ti? Yeah, I think I will go out and buy a pineapple and shove it up his...

Whoa, there's no reason to abuse the mentally retarded

Yeah, what an absolute idiot right? He made a wrong prediction, therefore his his whole channel is complete shit.

I'm not saying AdoredTV makes the best predictions, but he does make solid points by drawing logical conclusions/assumptions.

In the end, we'll still have to wait, just like everyone else. But in the mean time, I still like to see what people think about future tech.