Exchange Active Sync for Mail Client

I have heard @wendell speak about evolution a few times but as of yet I really cannot find a very elegant or stable solution to get my work exchange server and my home desktop to talk to each other nicely. I've read about sudo proxy servers but I want something more reliable. I want to be able not just to see and send mail but also manage my calendar. I never have liked thunderbird much if only because outlook was so different when we moved to it at work. Currently I either use webmail or use outlook in a VM. I love my Nexus 6 but desktop mail would be so much better.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

AFAIK there are not any ActiveSync clients worth using, just servers. I'd stick to OWA, are there any advantages to Outlook or Thunderbird type clients these days?

Well I am the coordinator for electronic migration for a few groups and holy Shit they found outlook and went nuts with calendar and tasks. Where before they just used OWA and basic email now that they figured out what the little "O" Icon does they won't stop.... make it stop. So since I manage a lot of Linux systems as well and all my home machine is linux I was hoping for something simple. I guess I will look into building it myself.

I will forever curse the coupling of email with other functionality, combining two things to make something not quite as good as either (IMO)

RDP to a terminal server was the most reliable thing, but it's been several years since I needed to access Exchange based calendars, things may have improved. (not suggesting as replacement, but awesome task software)