EVs Who knows about them? Is there a no frills EV?

EVs are interesting to me but the gadgets are not, but they all seemed to be filled with autopilot and maps and al sorts.

I was Curious if anyone knows of an EV existing or in the works that strips all of that put and just gives you the basics, motors, wheel, basic dashboard, and maybe aircon :smile:

Does such a thing exist? Would there be a market for it?

GM killed off their Basic-AF EVs, several years ago

The Nissan leaf is fairly bare bones if you get the base model.

The issue is that I think it costs them a lot to make different trim levels, and there are some basic creature comforts that most people just want, so why not make it standard?

Yeah the leaf is a no go though. Im thinking land rover defender but with batteries :smile: larger car but nothing to fancy.

I know what you mean though. I wonder if a market will open for it in the future. some people just want a car

Oh, you want like a small suv.

Uhhhhh maybe a hyundai kona?

@TeckMonster might know more.


im considering as well if anyone knows anything planned because im not looking for something now, but if the UK does what it says it will do there wont be any new non EV cars after 2030.

im gonna have to just accept touchscreens and HUDs arent I?

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Seems to be the most basic thing I can find that isn’t tiny.


Touchscreens are a terrible ux, they should not be in cars.


no new non-evs

Just get a Lexus LS 430 or a Toyota 4runner v8 2004.

Those things will go literally for 1 million miles.

I was thnking about this when driving half an hour ago when i changed the airflow with the phyical dial without looking. Cant do that on a touch screen. Then i realised why is tesla using them? Well if they’re all self driving then you dont need to look at the road all the time? perhaps.

Yeah im wondering if this may have to be the compromise. Who knows, maybe Toyota will show up with something as well in 5 years.

This is the other thing ive been considering is to simply get a easily maintainable ICE car and drive it a million miles, itll last me decades. Fuel prices though may be tougher :confused:

I think i’ve just gotten so used to driving my basic car. Engine, steering wheel and speedometer. it doesn’t have much else.

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Ls430 18mpg

4runner v8 16mpg

Not good.

That’s why I bought my Merc. All the little creature comforts without the gimmicky bullshit you see every generation.

Aygo 50mpg :smile:

But will it last?

The Toyota 1uz was the most reliable engine ever produced for a non military application.

Has a touchscreen.

The dinosaur juice version is pretty nice though.


the e-golf btw looks quite good, ive seen it before. Price though :confused: seems to be a common issues with EVs, and the range makes me cry.

Really depends. If it stays in reasonable condition it will very likely do another 100k with no real issues (its just over 100k now). The issue might be the unconventional driving it does.

Toyota are one of the manufactures that reward (in a way) long mileage. I get a discount on my services, and if i do another 50k ill get a high mile badge :smile:

I kind of want to do the most miles in a aygo in the UK… if thats a thing

See, I can live with a touch screen if it has hard controls for all the essentials.

  • music controls
  • climate
  • trip computer

Other than that, touchscreen is fine.

I just don’t want electronically adjusting steering wheel, motorized mirrors, etc…

The dumb shit that breaks at 120k

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Im not averse to them, but i agree with you, i wouldn’t want it to be the control centre for everything

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Looking at you, tesla


The idea of putting something without any kind of physical feedback as controls for basic functionality should just be banned for safety reasons.


I agree, but i think some of these companies (Tesla :eyes:) are looking at self driving cars and you basically never driving again.