EVGA Z77 Stinger vs.?

I'm planning on building a mITX gaming rig in the spring to replace my outdated 1156 rig.  Could anyone recomend some aditional mITX gaming mobos?  The boards must have front panel usb 3.0 and have either an expansion slot for wifi, like a mini PCI-E slot or native wifi.  Thanks!!!

This, http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813131932

It has the PCB going mother f****** sideways man, What's doper than that? But, really. It actually can overclock, is reliable, looks good and I think it's cheaper than the stinger though I didn't look. That and it's not 2005 anymore and I wouldn't buy a motherboard from EVGA.

No, the PCB is regular. It does have a dedicated doughter-board for power delivery, and that's pretty dope. I agree with that ASUS board, it's the best of the best for mITX.

However, if overclocking isn't the primary concern, this Gigabyte board is a cheaper alternitive that integrates WiFi/Bluetooth/WiDi, and still has the ability to overclock:


Thank's alot for your help, I think I'm going with the Asus now, it has more features for less money and I can still overclock with it :)