EVGA X58 SLI Classified Preview



Nice, it's got 4 PCIe 16x slots.

It is the mobo that I will use for my Core i7 965 Build because it this the ULTIMATE Gaming mobo

that is one sexy looking motherboard i wonder what the north bridge and south bridge and mosfet cooler looks like

Here is a awesome PIC of it fully loaded from the VR-ZONE Preview

yah that pic with the 3 GTXes and a 9800gt with a sound card o_____o my eyes were having an orgasm

wow and I just finished setting up my regular EVGA X58. Madness!!!

sty1es what are you specs?

updating driver's.... Ill make a post in about 30 mins.

what is that card between those 2 graphics cards


thats a 9800gt for physX

Something tells the Snowman that this is going to be expensive...

this is what this board has got in 3D MARK VANTAGE SICK P39276 points

World Record with a GTX295 QUAD-SLI setup


Imagine the heat!

Heat? what are you talking about?

Oh. and since when did you become a fucking mod? o.O???

1. Heat as in Celcius or Fahrenheit. ( I was pointing to the 4 graphics cards AND the sound card, which is very close to each other : P )

2. Not too long ago.

that's a sandwich of power i'd like to consume.

Ahh remember the times when my pc was High end D:.. Good times son, good times...

ahh, remember the time when i had that 1.8ghz amd sempron single core? terrible times son, terrible times...