eVGA x58 MICRO ATX mobo

I tried doing a search to see if anyone made a post on this yet but if I can sell my current rig I had plans to build a mATX system.

Until now I was going to use the Asus Rampage Extreme GENE but this looks like it's going to be even better.

Anyone have a release date on it??

why mATX bro?

ATX has a lot more potential then mATX

unless you want a small case

He said he wants a matx build, which naturally means a smaller case

Tj, Dunno about that one, but this one just came out.   http://razetheworld.gameriot.com/blogs/21DD23s-Blog/EVGA-Releases-New-X58-SLI-LE-Motherboard. Its about 240, with the features of the classified.Â


the LE isn't a matx 21dd23

yah, sorry should have wrote that. but i mean if you ever decide on using a atx board, thats a good choice. But i think if you sell your system sometime in the very near future just get the Asus


That looks tasty


Some more info.