Evga x58 classified limited edtion and sapphire 58

I am asking

200-250 plus shipping for the classified

200-250 for the sapphire flashed with asus bios. this will allow for a higher oc also it has a ek water block on it

got some bad news for ya you wont get those prices get the classified fomr evga for 270 new u might get half that maybe hell ill offer u 75

is it a sapphire 5870 or just has those bios on it, if you can give me some more details I might be interested in the 5870 and do You have the stock HS for it?

It's a Sapphire 5870 flashed with ASUS BIOS. Probably worth at least $200 with the waterblock.

Oh, and $200 shipped is reasonable for a Classy; definitely very reasonable if it's an E759. That's pretty much the used going price now. I got an E760 recently for $180, but no I/O shield :(. Good luck.

I don't have water cooling system, won't until I have to, I was wondering if he still had it for sale and if he had the stock/air heatsink for it, doesn't have to be stock just an air cooling