I'm considering to buy a GPU, but I'm not sure which brand should I go with. I saw and red many things about both, but can't really decide. The hd 7970 and it's a bit too expensive. I also saw the gtx 760 seems ok for the price. My budget is $250 it can go 10-20$ above it, but no more than that. thanks

is there a sapphire nearly as good or better than the 760 gtx for the same price?  

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i would say look if you can find a R9-280X that fits your budget its worth it over a GTX760. otherwise a Radeon 7950 is also not a bad choice, but if you can afford a R9-280X then do it. ☺



HD7970 GE = R9-280X

You decide which is better...

lol thats why i said  that, a R9-280X is a much better card then a GTX760. Even a 7950 is a better card then a GTX760.

But if those cards are realy above his budget, then the GTX760 is the best he could get for $250.  because the the GTX760 is better then a R9-270X (7870 GHZ)..

I agree with what you say. It's just OP... I litterally facepalmed when I saw the thread title and I cried when I read its content.

The quality of the content in this community is dropping below a level I never thought existed. 99% of the time I visit TekSyndicate, I find myself quickly jumping over to another (more enthusiast dedicated) forum-site where people got more braincells than teeths.

EDIT: And the moment when you don't agree with some of the more "active", yet still very close-minded and unexperienced members of general tech-community, you get flagged as a troll or people start crying "because it's their opinion", even though facts expose the flaws in their opinions.

I have tried to use my experience and knowledge as authortity in this comminuty. It didn't work out.

I recommend saving your money.  You almost have enough for a R9 280X, which comfortably beats the GTX 760.  If you don't want to wait, then I recommend you grab a HD 7950 and learn how to overclock it.

R9 280X


HD 7950


 I guess that every where there's good people there's assholes.Next time, instead of being a douche bag, try actually answering the post.

you and mystery, are right. I'll save up for the R9 280X.

well i hope we get a complete new Forum someday, with more functions for us Mods.

But about quality of posts is not something to discuss in this topic. But you are allways free to make a topic in General Discussion about it. I know alot of post about the same questions over and over again makes look silly somethimes, but as long as the forum is not fully functional we have to deal with it.

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What about a GTX 770ti? Or a 290LE?