EVGA Power Supply Opinions?

Hey guys, anyone had exerience with the EVGA 750 SuperNova? It is REALLY cheap, but looks good, too good to be true, or is it the real deal?

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I would go with a brand more known for psu's. seasonic, xfx, corsair, silverstone, coolermaster, and i've heard enermax. all good brands

  I cannot say I have any experience with that particular brand however; usually a good quality manufacturer will give their product a 5 year warranty. Also insure it is at least 80+ bronze certified.

Get it, EVGA is a quality brand. Even though they aren't too well known for psu's, what i have seen of psu's so far from them have been above corsair in quality.

buy it let us know how it is. 

It is 80+ Gold, right now I have an OCZ 650W, but I want more quality, I'm going for a 680 some time in the near future, along with a few other upgrades in the coming year (or when ever Haswell comes out).

The price is really low, that's why I was concerned, but I guess EVGA are a great brand, and a nice warranty too.

It has a quad +12V rail, each 20A (not sure how good that is, never got the rail thing)

Anyway, It's either this, or a Corsair counterpart :)


It's made by FSP so should be allright.

Good PSU's. Multi rail PSU's have a slightly larger learning curve, but work just as good.

I think I may try it, depends what black Friday brings... ;)

I would never buy an EVGA PSU.

Okay, looks like Black Friday didn't like EVGA, got a snazzy Corsair 750AX :3, for only £30 more, so, bad luck EVGA, my money is going to Corsair :/