EVGA, Plextor, & Xigmatek Booths | Computex 2016 | Tek Syndicate

Logan shows us arround the EVGA, Plextor and Xigmatek booths.
Showing us Graphics cards, PSU´s, and Cases.

Let us know what you think.

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EVGA is turning into a second Corsair when it comes to power supplies. Everyone is recommending them and I am not really sure if they are worth it...

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Logan, that's an AMD card inside the turbine looking Xigmatek case.

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Oh yeah... It's Nitro 380/380X... Didn't noticed that :D

I would not buy a PSU that is named after an exploding star...

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I really liked the LAN Party Xigmatek case shown at the end of the video. I definitely want to see more Xigmatek stuff to buy in Canadian pc parts stores.

I know im late to the party but I gotta say I definitely dont regret getting the 1200W Supernova P2. I can throw anything within reason into my rig and not have to worry about powering it until 2024 when the 10-year warranty is up.

Im really diggin' that Xigmatek 'toolbox' case.