Evga p55 micro

Hi all

Thanks for helping me out with the ram issue, which is fully resolved, but I need some help again.  I was about to buy the EVGA P55 LE, but they just ran out of stocks...  What they do have in store now are, the P55 Micro and some other FTW-like high end boards. This micro mobo has 2 PCIe 2.0 8x slots, and between the two, a tiny x1. I have to use this x1 to put my SB Titanium, and in order to do that, i have to put my GTX 260 in the second slot. Look at this pic here to get some idea bout what I'm saying...

So, if I install my GTX 260 in the second slot, will that work? I dont care bout the 2.0 x8 speed limitations, I just wanna make sure whether this will work at all. I might use the 1st slot to put in a 9800T or a GT 240 (single slot design, doesnt block the damn x1 slot)Â for dedicated physx processing, so all in all, will this setup actually work? it'll be like this:

PCIe no.1 x8>> 9800GT/ GT240 - PHYSX
PCIe no.2 x1>> SBÂ Titanium
PCIe no.3 x8>> GTX 260 (Main graphics card)

Is this a good setup, or should I wait and get that LE when it's in stock again?

Thanks in advance!!![img]http://gza.gameriot.com/razetheworld/default/smiley_bigsmile.gif[/img]

OMG wtf happened with resizing???

Can't read the text without scrolling to each fucking site for each fucking line.

Please delete the picture, or find another one that is smaller.

I Own the evga P55 SLi motherboard. I love it :D
check if they have that. It has great features and is a great board.

Get 1366 setup.. almost identical prices. (depends what i5 you chose..)

Make sure you have some extra cables for building it, as Evga ships close to nothing with it.. Well atleast for my EVGA X58 Micro SLi board, all I got was 2 sata cables)

That would work, but I'd get 1366 if I were you.

If not, then Pathogen suggested good.

Well since everyone said 1366, go for it.....

Like what I just did...