EVGA P55 Classified $149 today at Tiger


web design on that site... It's so outdated...

Not bad.. Not too fond of 1156 "/

1155 is coming soon aswell, so a waste if youre the type who upgrades alot

Someone's so agitated at Sandy Bridge's near release...

That's a good deal on a solid board, I picked up my P55 SLi for $200

Almost exactly 1 year ago I had to go 1156 because of my budget. I chose the MSI P55 GD65 with the i7 860. It still runs amazing to this day.

P55 is not a bad choice, although waiting for new releases might be better this point in time, like green said.

well... new release will cost a lot more... so that is something to consider too.

p55 is still a good platform, EVGA is also the only company that i have found the mail in rebate process to be more or less painless.

Seems like a fine deal for a fine board.