EVGA NEX650g PSU - Dead?

Hi guys & gals of Tek Syndicate Land,

How y'all doing?

Could really use the expertise of this community as I'm a bit of a nab when it comes to the electronics of a PC. So to cut a long story short mt system that has been running for 18 months has suddenly decided to stop working. If I hit the powerr button I get a second of life (my leds turn on and all fans start going) but then it stops.

I'm 99% certain it's my PSU that is causing the issue the reasons being as follows:

  • Paperclip test generated the same second of power with the fan starting but then stopped

  • A spare (older) PSU boots up my system

I've tried to do my homework on the interwebs but I'm getting conflicting info. What does seem prominent is a fair few reports/posts of similar issues and one indepth report on compatibility issues between this PSU and certain Gigabyte mobos and I have a Gigabyte mobo .. however, that is only one report. Has anybody here had similar issues or massive experience with EVGA PSU's? I believe EVGA Ed is a member of this form so heres me looking to you dude :)

I know for such posts it's handy to know ones build so I have;
MOBO: Gigabyte 990FXA-UD3
CPU: AMD FX 8350
RAM: Corsair Vengeance 8GB DDR3 1600Mhz

I'm running everything at clockspeed, haven't upgraded or added anything so can I just chalk this up to the PSU going bye bye or is it possible for something more sinster at play?

Thank you all in advance for any replies :)

You probably still have warrenty.
Wenn an older psu boots the system up totaly fine.
Then its obviously the psu.
I would suggest to contact EVGA and send it in for an RMA.

Normaly their psu´s a very decent, but ofc just like any other brand on the market.
They also sell some lowerend stuff.
About EVGA psu´s and compatibility issues with Gigabyte boards, i have never heard anything like that before.

Thanks MA - Yea you are completely right, having looked in to it I do have a standard 3 year warranty so I have put in for a RMA service. I guess the one positive being that EVGA apparently are excellent when it comes to the RMA service, especially for this PSU issue.

The compatibility issue with a particular brand of Mobo is wired to me too, I can't find a reason behind it as in what makes these items crash when together but offcial EVGA reps have acknowledged the issue in the past claiming new versions of said PSU's have been revised to help resolve the issue but apparently not the case.

I just hope if I get a new unit it lasts. Even if I got another 18 months out of it I'd be happy because I plan to completely upgrade my whole system by then anyways.

Thanks again for the response :)

Yeah EVGA seems to be realy good with rma´s.
They will probably send you a new unit anyway.

I sent the PSU off a few days ago and it looks like EVGA have accepted a fault in the unit and are preping a new one to ship to me. All being well I get it very soon and I can have my baby back lol but thanks again MA for the heads up, glad I did it and that EVGA are cool enough to help out.

I´m not even sure if they still make those 650G units.
maybe you get an even nicer one back.

Fingers crossed eh :) As long as it works and is fully modular I'm cool