Evga hadron air build

I just got into university and figured that I'd get a new PC, so this is what I got.

PC par list: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/1LqVr

For monitor, I bought a 32 inch 1080p TV.

Building it was scary. The card almost didn't fit in. I was considering GTX770, but 7970 just seemed to me like a better deal. So I forgot to consider the length problem when I was buying it.

If you are using this case for your build, DO NOT connect anything before you've installed your graphics card, or you'd have to remove them like I did.

The finishing result looks like this. I am using stock CPU heatsink. To be honest I think it looks dull and I'm slightly concerned about the heat. Tips on decorating/heat/cable management would be much appreciated.

BTW this was my first mITX rig.

Wow tight fit.

Why the Xeon?

It's basically an i7 3770 without integrated graphics for the price of an i5. 

OP, what are your temps? That looks really cramped. 

I'm still waiting for my ram to arrive. I ordered a set but they ran out of stock :/


the ram that I wanted never actually came, curtosy of amazon. I bought another pair of HyperX Beast CL9 1600 4g*2. Those work perfectly.

I wanted to include the back ground because it looks nice, but it didn't work.

Logan, I bloody told you


Wait so you paid for ram that you never got? 

In regard to Temp, it was good. Neither the CPU nor the card went up to 50 after an hour of gaming. 

The screen thought is ridiculous. 32 inch is too big to use on a desk. My eyes hurt after a while. I feel sympathy for those who work at fox news

Yeah I paid. I had to contact amazon custom support to get a refund. I wanted a replacement but they said that they could not do it even thought they have 1 in stock.... I got my money back but it delayed my ram by about a week. The status is still shipped now

Yep if your card is over 10.5" its not going to fit without cuting a bit of the lip out of the case side.

Though I am certainly glad that Amazon custom support is not as garbage as Steam support is.

I did it without cutting the side! Am I genius or what?

Lol its a tight fit some wiggling required iam gessing...he tryed to put in a 11" GTX590 in there in the HardwareCanucks video just dident fit.


yeah it was a really tight fit. I was afraid that the cables would not be long enough