EVGA gtx770


I am in the process of getting parts for a new system and stumbled upon this card, was just looking for peoples thoughts on the card. It will be mostly used for gaming and 3d cad designing and 3d product rendering.

I have exactly the same card, EVGA 770 SC ACX. The 770 in general is a really nice GPU for the price at the moment. EVGA has really good customer support and you get a 3 year warranty if you register your purchase on their website. You can also take advantage of their step up program, that means up to 3 months after the purchase you can decide to get an upgrade from your current product, like a 780 or a 780ti, send them back your 770 and simply pay the price difference (I don't know if that works everywhere though).

The ACX cooler is pretty nice, it is really quiet when the GPU is idling and keeps it very cool (<60°C in my case) under load.

In regards to gaming performance, well it's an overclocked 770 so it basically plays everything you throw at it at the moment maxed out on 1080p (except for crysis) or on very high settings without AA on 1440p. Just look for benchmarks, there are literally hundreds of them out there.

I don't know how it performs with 3d cad though, I guess you'll have to look that up.

In general, it's a very nice card from a trusted manufacturer. If you know you want a 770 then you won't go wrong buying this one.

I also have a EVGA ACX 770 but it was the regularclock version, all i did was bumb the clock applied on startup and push it farther for newer games. You really cant go wrong with this card, and the gold trim is hella G

Ok, thanks a lot, i think that i will go ahead with this card then. Approximately how much power will it take, i am still trying to decide on what powersupply to get and am thinking of maybe adding a second one of these later on down the track and running them in SLI or something

A single 770 will draw up to(!) 200W as long as it is decently cool. So a high quality 700W PSU with enough amps on the +12V rail (I'd say more than 60A, since a single card will maybe need 20A itself) will be fine for both cards. If you want to be absolutely safe you could go with 800W (although it would be overkill), just make sure you buy a high quality PSU, preferrably with an 80+ gold rating, from a reliable, known brand (seasonic for example).

 thanks, I already had  a 750w for the system. I would just like to know just how loud the card runs

Well, that depends on your fan configuration. But the ACX cooler is generally pretty quiet. When the card is idling I have it set to 43% fan speed and I can't really hear it at all. When it is under load I have a pretty aggressive fan profile, so it goes up to 70+% fan speed in order to stay below 60°C most of the times. It definitely gets audible at this point but you could just let it run a bit warmer and be much quieter in exchange (consider that my case also doesn't have any kind of noise dampening) You could also check out some reviews/benchmarks of the 770 with the ACX cooler to get exact numbers and maybe compare it to other custom coolers out there, but it is definitely quiet enough for me.


I've got a 780 Classified and Fractal Design Define R4.... I turned the fans up to 100% just to see... barely audible... 

ok thanks, yeah i was thinking about getting either the fractal define r4 or the bitfenix ghost which are both cases with a heap of sound dampening foam stuff