Evga GTX760 Getting oddly hot

I built my pc a few months ago, and with all the games I play (on ultra) I've never gone above 61 degrees. But now that I have Watch Dogs, my gpu is hitting 70-75 degrees. Should it be getting that hot? Is Watch Dogs murdering my gpu (game settings at high). I use MSI Afterburner and set the fan speed to 85% to make sure I don't get any higher. My case is a Rosewill galaxy-01, has 4 fans in it, one of which blows cold air onto the gpu. Is it the game murdering my gpu? Lightly worried about these temps. Should I be worried about this temperature?

That's normal.  Watch dogs is horribly optimized, it's going to murder just about every card.

Ok cool. Thank you very much. hitting 70 was freaking me out a bit, but you have gotten rid of my worries. Thank you again

also, whats up with the INSANE mouse speed on the main menu/any menu? Is that mouse acceleration? I've never really known what mouse acceleration is, but if that's what it is.... its awful. Oh my god.