EVGA GTX 960 4mb

Planning new game box:
My eyes almost bugged out when I saw the price of new graphics cards. Now planning on using an old GTX 960 4mb since I don’t want to spend $$$ on new card and monitor for 4k. Should I anticipate problems running a four year old card on a modern board with say a Rizen 2600x

I repurposed my old AMD APU gamebox to be my freeNAS box to run Plex and backups and it is a real success for that. Pulled the GTX 960 since APU handles any needed local video plus less heat, noise, and complexity. Yeah, it doesn’t have ECCram, so call me cheap, but everything here is recoverable from somewhere else and this box is quiet enough to sit in my living room instead of consigned to the basement.


GTX 960 is about as powerful as GTX 1050Ti nowadays.
My advice would be, if you can check out some used GPUs, almost always you can find R9 290/380 that are much faster than 960 for dirt cheap.
On the other hand 960 isn’t all that bad. It still does the job, so if it’s really really cheap just get it.
BTW, I am using R9 270X/7870, meaning even OLDER GPU with 1700X and it works fine, so there should be absolutely no issues with compatibility.

Thanks, since I already own that 960 it looks like I will put it in the new box for now.

GTX960 is perfectly fine for 1080p gaming. It won’t handle higher resolutions well, you won’t be playing newer games at maxed-out settings, and it won’t lock at 60fps 100% of the time. But every game will be playable at 1080p at reasonable quality.

Thanks, this is the card I was using a couple of years ago. I am just hoping the price for new cards drops some before some new games I am anticipating are published.