Evga GTX 780 Pre-OS problems

using the DCI to VGS adapter to use a VGA cable connected to my monitor does not show my computer booting up on the monitor, but the GTX 780 on the video card, as well as all other LED's light up. but when i use my N440gt-MI1GD3/LP Geforce GT 440 that has a VGA output, my monitor shows the boot screen. do i need to first install my OS, then install the Gtx 780's driver software to use it? I'm still in the process of installing the OS~ everything in the rig is where it should be. Help loved, Tips/advice appreciated.


i believe i've read somewhere that if your mobo has a graphic chipset you'll have to install the drivers for teh 780 before its usable (im not 100%), but i'd also try reseating the card.  Also i really hope u plan on getting a new monitor if not you pretty much just wasted $500 for no great reason

I was planning on buying a new monitor, is there anything you would suggest?

asus vg248qe if you have the money to drop. its clean bright 144hz, and when the gsync adapters come out they are capable of being upgraded. i have 2 of these and i dont regret it


I ordered this before i read your mesage http://www.amazon.com/VE248H-24-Inch-Full-HD-Integrated-Speakers/dp/B0043T7FHK/ref=sr_1_3?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1387429725&sr=1-3&keywords=asus+24

How is this?