EVGA GTX 770 SuperClocked vs MSI R9 280X

I have this build http://pcpartpicker.com/user/ChillinSince96/saved/dwxRsY


Which GPU should I get I play battlefield 4, splinter cell blacklist, skyrim, bf3, and chivalry

These are both great cards. But the 280x should be cheaper and perform a little better in some games. Since it has a 384bit interface and 3gb vram VS the gtx770 256bit interface and 2gb vram. The 280x would be better if you were to get a 1440p monitor down the road as well. 

If ya can look at Asus or Sapphire 280x. The MSI AMD 200 series twin frozer cards have had problems leaking fan oil. Makes a mess and MSI has terrible customer support. 

770 is a slightly better card, but if your going for 1440p, 280x might be better because of more ram. If you can find a good deal on the 770, i would buy that, if not get the 280x


No. They are similar. The 280X is usually faster though and cheaper.

Depends on the game and other things I've seen it go both ways. 

the 770 is a re-branded overclocked 680 while the 280x is re-branded overclocked 7970.  The 280x generally overclocks better, but stock they trade blows in every game.  I think it was an andan review and out of 8 games they split, with the frame differences being less than 5fps.  Therefore my recommendation goes to the xfx 280x(xfx because the cooler is just so good looking).

Having 3GB of vram will help alot in a heavily modded skyrim. In your case I would go with the 280x (coming from a guy who has a 2GB 770). But I also would change that 6350 to a 8320 personally. Extra 20-30 bucks.