Evga Gtx 770 SC ACX

I currently have an i7-2600k and im running it on a MSI p67 mobo, with 8gb of ram and an SSD, 

Am I going to see a huge FPS gain in switching from a p67 with pci-e 2.0 to a z77 with pci-e 3.0 ? Or is it not worth the added cost ? 

Well you wouldn't actually be able to take advantage of PCI 3.0 unless you got Ivy Bridge, but even if you did, the performance difference would only be 1 - 3 fps.  The only GPUs that can take advantage of PCI 3.0 are the Titan and 780, so right now I'd say it's not worth the upgrade.


forgot about that, makes sense that I would need the new cpu to support the higher bus speeds. And that is definatey going to cost me a bit to upgrade, and I am fully happy with my 2600k at 4ghz