EVGA GTX-770 Purchase With a FREE Backplate!


EVGA is offering a FREE backplate with the purchase of EVGA 770 cards. To my knowledge this applys to every make and model of EVGA 770 line.

Why would you need a backplate? A backplate helps to reinforce the PCB, protects critical components and best of all, looks awesome!

I'm going to be ordering a 770 for a friends build this weekend and the added backplate only make it a better deal!

 Order Now! offer ends on the 31st of july


Sidenote: Does it ship with the backplate or do you have you install it yourself?

it says you have to register your card to the website so it will be shipped.

So im guessing you will have to get your card then order the backplate. 

Hhmmm. I wonder if the warranty covers the self instalation then.

Maybe its their master plan to make people void their waranty. 

I have an EVGA backplate on my 680, and it's pretty nice. I think the EVGA logo on it is pretty ugly, but the backplate itself is better than having a bare PCB.