EVGA GTX 770 ACX (non-superclocked) vs. MSI GTX 770 Gaming Edition

As the title states, I am looking to use a GTX 770 in a new pc build. Which card, the MSI or the EVGA, be better for gaming at 1080p? Also, would the EVGA GTX 770 superclocked ACX be significantly better than the others, or would I be able to overclock the others (which I plan to do, regardless of which card I get) and thus save $10-20?

This is a good one.

To be honest I'm not sure.

The MSI wil perform better out of the box simply because it does have a faster stock clock. But both are highly OC'able

They're so close I'd go with the company i like better or offers the better warranty at this point. Up to you. I've had good things from MSI in the past- but i know EVGA is very premiun on the Nvidia side. (i just ordered an acx 770 superclock for my friend.)

I know EVGA is renowned for their awesome warranty; not sure about MSI though. Would the superclocked 770 have much of an advantage over the non-superclocked version if I am overclocking?

Advantage Plausible.

Not accounting for the silicon lottery the superclocked card willhave less OC'ing head room simply because its clock is already high. So they should OC about the same. the coolers should perform about the same and shouldn't be a thermal bottleneck. 'so say

There is also this to consider. The superclocked my have been binned. meaning it's probably a higher quality peice of silicon and potentially better. that might be why they're confident in selling a "superclocked card" But probably not.

MSI's warranty is not nearly as good as EVGA's, by the way.

I am certain that they do not bin the Superclocked cards; they're just factory overclocked.

That's what expected. If you had to pick between the three cards, MSI, EVGA, and EVGA superclocked, which would you pick?

Well, I'd get the EVGA for the looks, the MSI for the cooler, and the EVGA SC if you want to waste your money.

Thanks for your help!

you're probably right. 

Heh. I got my friend the SC because words like "hertz" confuse him.

He's not going to OC much at all, IF at all- so out of the box performance is what i'm giving him.

It's not like the OCs are that aggressive, anyway. If they shipped with a 1400mHz GPU core, then they definitely binned them, but at those OCs? Hell no.

The superclocked is out of the equation then, for me.