EVGA GTX 670 4gb FTW edition OR AMD Sapphire Vapor X 7970

So I've been saving for a while and haven't hit my £330 target to get my hands on a 7970.

BUT I've got a chance to grab said 670 (used) for £180, it's in good condition the guy just needs some for cash towards his new GPU, I just want to know what you guys think I should do.

I'd be putting one of the cards in with my AMD FX 8350 @4.5Ghz and 8gb of RAM.

But I want to be future proof with the next gen games coming out.


You can pick up a brand new 670 2GB (you really really don't need 4GB) for £190.


Includes free game. Don't buy your friends, put simply.

I'd recommend a brand new 7950 for around £220. Once overclocked, it compares to an overclocked 770 and 7970. As shown in this video:


Recommend this card. Better cooler than the Vapor X, better overclocking capability because it is voltage unlocked, and I believe the Sapphire is locked. Ridiculous price + 3 free games:


Thanks man, apppreciate it.

You've almost got enough for two 7950s. That would slaughter a 780. Stil lvery appropriate for next-gen gaming. If you're gaming at 1080p, one 7950 will be enough. Pocket the difference and enjoy those games.

I must tell you one more thing. New AMD cards are rumoured to release later this year. Many of the new cards might not be significantly different from what is currently on offer (much like the Nvidia 600 and 700 series), but it might be worth waiting for. Up to you, man.

Yeah man, well I'll save up a bit more, see what happenes.

If new AMD card do come out and I've grab that 7950, I could pick up another on for a good price once those new cards launch.

get the 7970 dualzx from sapphire


Maybe look around for a good price. I know different vendors are offering different games. There is a bundle where you can choose 3 out of a selection of 12 games. Keep an eye out.



I think you're actually eligible for 5 games by grabing a 79xx card from OcUK. Crysis3 multiplayer is supposed to be dead. However, the single player is worth a play, I believe.

I hate those bundles... Only cause I already own all the games >.<

Still worth it. You can trade them here in the forums. You might only get games for half the value. But hey, you're getting free shit which will build your library.

Yeah man, I like your thinking!!!

Plenty of people have been trading games lately.

Anyway. Enjoy. haha