Evga gtx 660 FTW or gtx 700's series?

should i get a evga gtx 660 FTW signature or wait for the 700's seriers? And if i do get the gtx 660 will it bottleneck my phenom II x6 1045t which is running at 3.5ghz

I don't think it would bottleneck. The x6 is still reasonably strong. If you do feel like it's bottlenecking, OC it.

The 700-series is still far-off. AMD will release their's first( most likely early this year), then after a few months NVidia will do as well. The reason I believe is to test their GPUs against their competition. While it's a good idea, it also costs them money. It's spending more money for more tests, and while they're testing, AMD is earning big bucks by dominating the market while they're not around. In a sense, it's like " The early bird gets the worm, but the second one gets the (slightly) fatter one".

Sorry I veered of topic there, but just put that info tidbit there in case you're curious. 

So if you don't mind waiting that long, the 700 series promises better performance, thermal output and power consumption( assuming all goes well). And you'll have the knowledge that you didn't jump the gun on a slower card. If everything doesn't go well, and the 700 series doesn't deliver, then you could go back to the now cheaper 600 series card, and know that you found out what was a better choice.( Another alternative would be the HD 8000 series, or if that doesn't deliver, the 7000 series).

But it also depends on you're current card. If you're happy and/or fine with using it for now, then the 700-series( unless the 700 series turns out to be horrible). If you can't stand your current card anymore, then most likely the 600 series

thanks for the info. I don't mind waiting since i have a xfx 7770 1ghz double d edition, but who knows i might go with a hd 8000's series. I just figured i could try out a nvidia graphics card.

I would wait just to see what the price points and perfomance is for the 700 series. If you cant find anything suitable, the 660 is still a great card. And if you are worried about bottlenecking, did you see the new video about the FX-8350, that might be something you want to consider.

I will wait to see how good the hd 8000 series and gtx 700 series are. off topic- i always knew 8350 had a beast inside of it.

Off topic- That beast will only grow stronger as more programs move to running multiple threads.