EVGA GTX 650Ti is it any good?

Hey. I am building a under $800 and im wondering if a 650 Ti is any good. And waht AMD processor would go with it? i have a A-10 on the Pc partpicker and i know that they wont run side by side.



You have an A-10 and want a 650Ti with an $800 budget???



Wait a sec, just need to clean my rifle........

Im wanting to replace the A-10 5800. And i havent built it yet :P

Have you brougth any parts yet?????????





http://pcpartpicker.com/p/GVKX hows that?


Absolutely terrible if this is a budget gaming rig....


Be back in a mo, gonna go put you a much better rig together.



Budget of $800?

800 and under if possable.

Like a boss:



Oh, And please no Intel. Silly but i dont realy want intel branded parts.

Wrong link. :P

No intel??




Intel build:


got it down to 650 i think by swaping to the 650 Ti just looking :P

The 650Ti is a lot slower............................

Ik just seeing ( thats a lie. i dident know. im new to this. not pc gaming. this itself and i like the size.)

Here is where the 650Ti stacks up......




The 7870 is just way superior..

Yes. And i know its better and this will want to make you clean your rifle AND your shotgun. I just want something that can run games like: Tf2 Kerbal space program Dont starve castle crashers and the binding of issac. I dont need that (I might. new as i said.) But i would assume not

So you have no plans to try anything else in gaming?


With the horsepower the 7870 delivers, you can enjoy any game out there....

Well, I might play COD (Shutter) im just not interested in many games anymore