Evga gtx 1650 d6 and 110% voltage limit with 40celcius of head room

after talking to w1zzard from techpowerups about my evga gtx 1650 ko ultra gddr6. he recommended just volt modding it and said it was pretty easy. it hard walls at 110% and with my custom cooling which was now i realize a waste of money. cause even the stock cooler performed good enough to prevent too much clock throttleing. the following pic is of an accelero extreme 4 replaced stock fans 2x120mm corsair*last product i buy from them more to follow in next post) sp 120(speed is irrelevant, even at 300 rpm i get the same gpu performance i do with them at 1600rpm. so i guess the question is before i get the soldering iron out does anyone know of 120% or higher power target vbios from any mfc? evga only does 110. asus does a 120 i think but not sure.
and finally is this all pointless? is turing just garbage “Ai knows best” architecture. my previous gpu was a gtx 560 and never had these problems. and if u did you could find custom vbios anywhere or just flash another cards bios to yours. evga wont even tell me the mfc of the voltage regulator or nothing. i like the guys at evga but it is illegal. atleast in canada to ship something with lead etc in it without a material safety data sheet. they told me they dont do them flat out. meanwhile crucial has all the data sheets you could ever want.
thanks to anyone that took the time to read this cheers boys.
“push it till you see blue smoke”