EVGA GeForce 760 VS HIS HD 7950 IceQ Boost

I wanted to know which GPU to get for the computer I might be building soon. But I wanted to know which of the two GPU's is better (mostly for gaming). They are both just under £200 inc VAT, if the AMD card is only slightly worse than the Nvidia I would rather go for the AMD as it comes with some free AAA games. Here are the links to the cards on the website:



Thanks for any feedback in advance :D





Here i got this card this week £190 free delivery + 3 games http://bit.ly/13QeXJU

A HD7950 is faster than a GTX760 (by a fair amount)


nVidia Geforce bundle (GTX 660, 670, 680, 690, 760, 770, 780 eligble) bundle is coming very soon that will include Splinter Cell Blacklist and Batman Arkham Origins games, (AAA games that are no more than 2 mo. old) as well as $50 off an nVidia Sheild.

Lol nivida realy whants you to buy a Sheild...