EVGA customer service "review"

So i guess you can call this a review. Not really just my experience.

I called up evga becuase I was having really really bad screen flickering. It got really bad to the point i was so freaking aggravated.
So i called them up and I did not wait more than 2 minutes (seriously) and a guy helped me.
He did every thing in his power and asked me many questions. He was super polite.
As we were talking however the line cut =(
so i called back and in 2 minuets another guy is there to help. I asked if i can get a transfer to talk to the guy i was talking to before and they said they dont do that. No problem.

So the new guy was helping me and asked me the same thing with exceptional service.
they both told me the same thing. My PSU was going bad and the card was not receiving enough power.Â

I have never in my life experienced customer service like this. IT WAS THE BEST EXPERIENCE I HAVE EVER HAD WITH A COMPANY!
10/5 EVGA keep up the great service.
I always here that evga has great service but i never expected it to be this good.
Definitely only buying from evga from now on.

They even offered to replace my card if the psu damaged it O.O seriously thats amazing!

Hmm... called them about 3 months ago when I actually cared about the problem my gtx 280 had and never got through, what number did you use so I can have that experience?


right on the gfx card box lol

XFX is fast and polite, but they keep asking dumb questions over and over and leaves me to solve the problem myself. :3

when i had to RMA my motherboard they had my RMA approved within 24 hours and my new board was in my hands within the week - Can't complain

only buying from evga
I am looking at the x58 le
but its not life time warranty =(

anybody know anything about BFG's support?

I called them once for my GPU...service was pretty good actually.

Yay, i just got my new GTX 260 from them, registered it already :D

EVGA replies back to your emails, in about 10mins, pretty damn fast, other companies never reply at all.

Wish they'd make some good AMD motherboards. But oh well at least their GFX Cards are nice:3.

seriously it took like maybe a day to get my step up ready to go. not really customer service but you know, just speaking of their service in general.

evga has an actually knowledgable customer service department and a really nice warranty policy. xfx does too.

but i heard for some people, xfx never replied to tickets.

but i heard for some people, xfx never replied to tickets.

EVGA? Never heard of 'em.

evga support is wicked awesome, they all know what they're talking about.