Evga,asus or gigabyte 970

http://pcpartpicker.com/user/thecreed123/saved/fDdMnQ This is my list as of now with the psu included, I have to wait till February  to  build it so It's subject too change.

I looked into the zotac cards a bit. but the gigabyte card is still on top with evga/msi in second

Looks great.

600w is plenty.  If you take a look at the wattage calculator in the left hand corner, it only says 340W

That's the estimated wattage of everything running at stock, maximum load.  You've got plenty of headroom to overclock.

Yeah the Gigabyte G1 Gaming, seems to be a good choice.

But those Zotacs seem to be great aswell fully custom pcb´s. and what not.

I didnt even notice that hahaha thanks.

Hahaha yup, I cant decide