EVGA 980ti hybrid compatability

Alright guys,
I'm considering purchasing the Hybrid Cooler from EVGA for my 980ti and was wondering about compatibility. On the EVGA site, it doesn't specifically say that it is compatible with my card, but other sources have said that it is. Can anyone shed any light on this?
The manufacturer code for my exact card model is 06G-P4-4995-KR and the code for the cooler is 400-HY-0996-B1.


Email EVGA and ask them.

As above but if your card is a reference design it will be compatible.

EVGA has outstanding technical support. Like previously mentioned, shoot them an email and get an answer from the horse.

Yeah I got in touch and it was a complete oversight on my behalf, I was looking online on about 4 hours sleep in two days and didn't realise that you had to have the reference design cooler in order to fit the hybrid. Which I don't.

Sorry for being such a dufus and not realising! Thanks anyway :)

EK waterblocks or other block manufacturers aren't unlikely to have a block that fit your card.

You sure that it wont fit your card? the PCB looks pretty referency to me.