EVGA 750i FTW serious business thread

aight guys, so i've decided not to go back to my 750i ftw mobo and like i said, i got a fresh replacement for sale OR specific trade. I paid $190 for it (and like 10 tax.. argh) and so i'll sell it for $160ish or if you buy me a fresh HIS 4850 iceq4 gpu, (i'm really losing money reguardless, but i just don't want this motherboard going to waste here) i'll gladly make the trade.

so if you seriously want to make a deal with me, hit me up on:

steam: AmaseroSan

aim: watashiwaKO

msn: [email protected]



where are you shipping to?

damn i cant resist that offer

thats a really good offer. damn to bad i wont be building a new rig for a while...

i'd be shipping with ups since i don't know where the fedex and dhl offices are. as to [b]WHERE[/b] i'd be shipping to, that's of course where ever the person lives (anywhere). though if i'm shipping out of the country and or have to pay over $15 for shipping, i'd like the other person to pay some of that off if they don't mind D:

Well im looking into buying one of these and I live in the UK but I will have to ask my dad before I say I will buy it but once I get my refund through from my old mobo I will ask him if I can buy it from you

aiiight just hit me up on steam.

Is it still in the plastic seal?

you know what fresh means SON!!

looool yup, still in the FRESH untouched plastic

ill buy it and i live in the us soozz

aight, got a better deal than $160ish +paying half of shipping?

ok here is my aim discuss there


aight, sent you a couple of messages.