EVGA 750i FTW or XFX 750i?

I had a XFX 680i LT SLi but the second PCI-E slot was faulty, so im getting a refund and now I have enough for a 750i, the prices are £122 for the XFX 750i and £139 for the EVGA 750i FTW, I have £141 and the shipping is free on both. So my question is, is the extra £20 worth it and do EVGA have good customer support and warranty, I live in the UK in case the warranty is different.


Wow, wat a simple answer. Of course EVGA.

Didnt u hear bout all the xfx boards that fried and almost fried on the fourms?

no i didnt hear about that thanks for letting me know I will get the EVGA one

Lol, Yeah, Frank (MeGotRice) and Thomas (GreenSLI) both had their's fry/almost fry. I'd go for the EVGA 750i FTW. Support is better, and the only downside as of now is the video corruption which is practically fixed....kinda...well, not for John (Kokun).

video corruption?

dont worry about it, just go with the evga 750, if there is video curruption, they'll replace it

well I would like to know about this video corruption before I go and spend £139 on a motherboard

Well, it's been a known issue with some of EVGA's FTW boards. This happens to like, 1-2 out of 4 people. It's where during gaming/video streaming/movie watching, your display goes rather whack, with some artifacts or lines across the screen. Here are some screenshots from the people who have gotten it.




It's fixed for some, worsened/same for others, even with the Bios update.

if this happens can you return it to EVGA or to the shop you bought it from?

Uhh, most people just have to sit and deal with it. That's why EVGA's been making bios revisions for the past 5908274365 days. Honestly, their 780i boards are a bit more stable. You might wanna consider those. They have better scaling, features, overclockability, and if you ever somehow with a burst of money and impulse wanna Tri-SLI, you can. I'm looking at the 780i FTW, but they haven't made any Bios updates for it yet, meaning it's a good board, with no problems, or EVGA's concerned with other matters.

unless you're going to have a gtx200 card, fuck ALL nvidia boards. nvidia mobo+8000/9000 card= disaster

Lol. :/

I cant afford a 780i and I dont really need Tri-SLi, I will just risk the 750i FTW and if it does have the video corruption then I will demand a replacement from the shop I am going to buy it from, thanks for the help guys...how do I make this thread resolved?

Not to troll, but dude, Nvidia's been weird. Their card prices are going back UP. Wtf? Like, I was looking at 9800 GTX+'s since I might SLI in the future on my next build, but the ones I were looking at yesterday that were like, $180 are now $210-220. Quite homosexual.

You don't have to make it resolved. No one really cares :P. But yeah, no problem. Just tell me how it is when you get it. For me, it's either the 750i or the 780i. So yeah.

LOL @ " Quite homosexual."

heh, so has my 750i ftw mobo. just a tad bit homosexual.

@ KOkun it needs to be a Nvidia board as I have two 9600gt's and I am only able to use one at the mo because of the faulty second PCI-E slot on my 680i LT SLi

i heard all those bios updates helps for some of the 9000 card owners, perhaps you'll be one of them. it's been doing absolutely nothing for 8000 series owners, and myself.

That's unlucky, have you tried contacting EVGA or the shop you bought it from for a replacement or refund?