Evga 750i FTW Edition - Thoughts?

What do you guys think about the evga 750i FTW edition?

I was thinking about using it in a new build because it has basically every feature I seek (pci-e 2.0, SLI, 45nm quad core compatability). Under a new budget of course.

Any thoughts or advice? I am planning on making it a pretty future proof build.

For me, it's a no go. You might as well invest 40-50 bucks more into a 780i. The video corruption would make getting an Nvidia board pretty pointless. Here's a review. I think unless you're planning on SLI-ing, you're better off with a P45 or X38/48 chipset. Honestly, there have been A LOT of issues with the Nforce chipset which have about 50% of the buyers in regret. Some are lucky. Their build just worked out perfectly, but others, are in deep deep fecal matter until new BiOS fizes are released. Here's a review that I found insightful. http://www.bit-tech.net/hardware/2008/07/22/evga-nforce-750i-sli-ftw/1

Uhh. I think the link for some reason isnt working, so..go to bit tech, then hardware, then motherboards, and scroll down.

i just kept hearing and reading bad things about it..

lololol chickenman (sorry, already forgot your name ;o) the link works. this is where i read the disappointing review..

i was hoping for the 750i FTW to be good, but i just don't know if it's worth the risk.. because the 780i's third gpu slot is very pointless for me as i'd only go the regular for dual sli. argh, i'd get the 750i FTW if there weren't any problems with it.

Great board, it's the 750i and 780i's son.

frank, buy me the 750i ftw :3

Frank cant even buy a firewire cable lol

yea i know, those are my hopes that will never come true.. 750i ftw, worth the risk? atm i'm still leaning towards this http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813128358

Then could somebody kindly post some good motherboards around 150 that have a few of the following features?

pci-e 2.0

45nm quad/dual core support

solid overclockability

SLI(optional but wanted)

I dont know too much about the p45 or the x38 so thats why i went with the 750i

the only problem i see with it is the video corruption problem

PCIe 2.0 = 750i

45nm support = 750i

Overclockable = 750i

SLi = 750i

fuck, this is a hard choice.


lol i never even asked wtf that was about. is it destroying your gpu, or what?

If you plan on SLI-ing, well of course you'll need a 780i Chipset or a 750i Chipset. So, yeah. But NONE of the SLI boards, save for the P5N-D from Asus and maybe the MSI board (whose name has just escaped me) are under $150 dollars. Maybe for an open box or a used/refurb product, but the new ones are above $150 dollars. Unless you absolutely want SLI, well, then get the 780i. I think you get more bang for your buck. The third PCI-e 2.0 when you have the urge to go for gold and add that third card. Also, it's a bit more stable. A few glitches, but nothing as serious as video corruption like the 750i. I would've gotten the XFX or EVGA 780i board, but I was a few bucks short. I might in the future. Bit tech also has a pretty good review of the XFX 780i, so check it out. Frank, try posting some sort of facts please...I can feel your love for the Nvidia architectures/products/lifestyle/graphics cards/"1337"-ness, but if it's a "help wanted" kind of forum...well...help would be a nice to provide.

To John. Get that board. You won't regret it. I'll just loathe you for having a prettier/cheaper/more efficient board than I have. Just cuz I was too ****ing impatient. tiydgfhfgshseijesgaasyhftitsgoi;jsgfdh =[

You know what. Gamble, I think you should just go for the 680i and get a BiOS update for 45nm support. There is barely any difference between the 780i and the 680i except for PCI-E 2.0, which isn't THAT much of a performance boost (but it's still pretty darn nice to have) and 45nm support out of the box.

Here's the MSI(s): http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813130175


Here's the Asus: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813131232

hahahha ;o!

yea at least for as of now, i don't even see the need for sli OR cf for that matter. i just want one punch you in the mouth, badass card.. the only thing this board enrages me with, is the fact that it looks like you just shoved a bunch of fruity pebbles or fruit loops into your mouth, chewed it up and showed me what it then looks like on your tongue..

basically it's too damn colorful ruining my nice green theme i was hoping to go for..

edit: naw if i'm going sli i'm going to go with EVGA's version of the mobos..

Yeah. I was tempted to get the EVGA board, cuz of its aesthetics, but the cost and potential issues were....bleh. Then again, the board I'm using right now, the EP45 DS3R from Gigabyte, was known for issues, but an early BiOS update fixed all problems. So that's why I find Gigabyte convenient. They have crappy color choosing from their Tacky Blue PCB to rainbow colored components...(which they apparently get from FoxConn) but...eh..it works, it's cheap, and it's pretty darn fast. I just regret not waiting a month longer =[

Why the **** would you want to slap me? Jeez, you just spent 300 bucks on a monitor. $300 could get you a freaking GTX 260.

lololol b-day present dude.. i paid $130 of the $310. i would've payed more of it, but my dad is full of awesomeness. so that's how it turned out.

Oh. Lol. But still. WAIT THATS STILL LIKE 170 >:O. That's a 4850 or a 9800GTX (reg).

WELL i just upgraded from a regular dell 17" monitor from 5 years ago..

so i'll take the bigger monitor for everything else and suffer in games.. (the suffering won't be for long i think....hope)

Thanks for the advice, all.

At first I was so attracted to the 750i, it had all the features I ever wanted.

Then I started reading about a video corruption error.

I think I might bite the bullet on this one and see if I slide by, if there is a serious problem with it, then I suppose I will have to come up with a backup plan and RMA it.

Ill post my build idea in a new topic when I finalize it.

damnit, well apparently there's video corruption on all the 7xx mobos, but it's more talked about with the 750i.

or so says some guy in this thread http://forums.ncix.com/forums/index.php?mode=showthread&msg_id=1741325&threadid=1741325&forum=101&product_id=29440&msgcount=8&overclockid=0#msg1741325

you just need to have a lucky mobo i suppose..